Last December, the FCC dismantled net neutrality protections for businesses and consumers.

The rules prevented internet service providers from blocking certain content, throttling speeds, and prioritizing access to consumers to businesses willing to pay higher fees.

Smaller companies stuck in the slow lane would not have a chance to attract new customers or investors.

Playing Favorites

Businesses will be at a competitive disadvantage by having to pay higher fees or accept less efficient service.

Higher Fees

A fair and open internet is the backbone of our economy. Innovation starts with entrepreneurs.

Innovation Threatened

The FCC's net neutrality repeal weakens the best parts of the internet.

ASBC's new report outlines the potential threats the loss of net neutrality poses to businesses of all sizes and industries.

The Business Case for Net Neutrality

  • Defining Net Neutrality
  • Threats to Business
  • Economic Impacts
  • What Businesses Are Saying

Dear Congress:

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We are business leaders from numerous sectors and companies of all sizes. We serve hundreds of millions of customers in the United States and abroad thanks in part to our access to a free and open internet. We are deeply concerned by the FCC's decision to roll back strong net neutrality rules.

Only a few companies sell internet access, but virtually all companies in America rely on it – including ours. Removing the 2015 standards undermines our free market economy by handing internet access providers immense power to steer businesses and customers one way or another. Our businesses can ill afford the potentially escalating fees that will be needed to reach our customers. 

All of us rely on open, unencumbered connectivity as a key engine of our business productivity, innovation and growth. We are sure Congress agrees that we should not disrupt and damage the backbone of America’s economy in this way.

We urge you to restore net neutrality protections.

We'll keep you informed on net neutrality and other sustainable business issues.

Join hundreds of businesses to demand

the restoration of net neutrality protections today.

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Ask Congress to Save Net Neutrality Today.

Our businesses depend on it. We'll keep you informed with next steps on how we can win.

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